Krechinsky Muromsky Tarelkin

A new version of Sukhovo-Kobylin’s classic trilogy by Carol Rocamora and Keith Reddin, from a translation/adaptation
by Carol Rocamora

NYU, Graduate Acting
director: Mark Wing-Davey

set: Ika Avaliani
lighting: Lisa Hsu
photos: Ella Bromblin & Anshuman Bhatia

Sukhovo-Kobylin's 19th century trilogy of plays--following the demise of a family of Russian country aristocrats at the hands of devious urban swindlers and even more devious government bureaucrats--are smashed together into a single play. Our production starts in a highly stylized drawing-room comedy style, but as the family's world falls apart, so do the conventions of that theatre, and even the very set around them. Time period becomes fluid, stranding the 19th century aristocrats in a soviet-erabureaucracy they are unable to navigate.